Nikita Mirzani Realizes Wrongly Swearing Mother Antonio Dedola Dies, Cries When She Sees the Condition of Her House

Jakarta – Homeland artist Nikita Mirzani admits that he was wrong when he used Antonio Dedola’s mother and even cursed death. Loly’s mother came to the house and apologized.

However, he felt sad because he saw the condition of Antonio Dedola’s house. Why? Scroll through the article below.

False awareness

Antonio Dedola

Previously, Antonio Dedola uploaded a message from his ex-wife, Nikita Mirzani. He was caught cursing and even swearing to death.

Not only that, he also touched on poverty.

“Hey, you are a mother who can’t teach your son to be a good son. I swear you’ll be in hell any second. Marco (Antonio Dedola) hurt my children. then I will pay back more than he made. As a parent, you have to be more able to calm him down. Your son is lazy and useless. even if you live in Germany where you say it’s your place. There must be a way to live a hard life. If you are old and still working, you are poor. That’s why your son fell in love with me, a rich woman. how embarrassed you are” Nikita Mirzani’s message to Mrs. Antonio Dedola.

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