Nikita Mirzani Refuses to Think about Loly Changing Faith or Not After Leaving Him: That’s His Business

Jakarta – Indonesian artist Nikita Mirzani seems to be very indifferent to the life of his first daughter, Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry or Loly.

He even bluntly said it was none of his business. What did Nikita Mirzani say? Take a peek in full below.

Do not care


Photo: instagram/nikitamirzanimawardi_172

Nyai, greeting Nikita Mirzani recently displayed a portrait of her two sons, Azka and Arkana at feeds his Instagram. He showed his two sons who were in Medina and praying together.

Without embedding any sentences, Fitri Salhuteru’s best friend only wrote heart emojis on the portraits of her two children.

However, one netizen commented on Nikita Mirzani’s post by offending Loly. He prayed that Loly’s faith as a follower of Islam would not waver after leaving Nikita Mirzani and living in London.

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