Nikita Mirzani Updates the List of Heirs, Loly’s Name Is Not Available?


Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani is still fighting with her eldest daughter, Loly. Their feud was heated enough that news got out that Nikita had removed Loly’s name from the list of heirs.

Recently, the mother of three admitted that she was updating the list of her heirs. Is Loly’s name really deleted?

Decide Update Heir List

Nikita Mirzani

It was recently discovered that Nikita Mirzani was working on a list of her heirs and decided to update it. He said this directly in front of the media crew.

He updated the list of heirs because he had new assets that had to be calculated according to Islamic calculations.

“If the heir was indeed before he died, I’ve taken care of everything from the past. Now it’s being updated because there are other assets according to Islamic calculations,” said Nikita Mirzani as quoted from YouTube Cumicumi, Friday, July 7, 2023.

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