No Longer Using a Stage Name, Cita Citata Welcomes Her New Name


Jakarta – Sworddut Cita Citata chose to give up the stage name “Cita Citata” after a solid process of finding identity. In the upload, Didi Mahardika’s wife said goodbye to her stage name.

Returning to the original name Cita Rahayu, the singer of “Goyang Dumang” gave a message full of emotion. Curious? Let’s scroll the following article!

Drop the Stage Name

Singer from Bandung, Cita Citata, officially changed her name to Cita Rahayu and no longer wanted to use the stage name that made her famous.

In his latest upload on Instagram, the 28-year-old dangdut singer admits that he is determined to change his name to his birth name.

It’s been a long time before getting married, I want to thank Cita Citata, even though it’s me. He was strong enough to be hit by the strong storms in his life,” wrote Cita Rahayu, reported Friday, July 21, 2023.

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