Not accepting being called deliberately married near Happy Asmara’s birthday, Denny Caknan reveals the reason

Jakarta – Denny Caknan’s wedding with his girlfriend, Bella Bonita, is planned to be held today, Friday, July 7 2023. Their wedding date became a topic of conversation because it was very close to the special moment of Denny’s ex-girlfriend, Happy Asmara.

Many Denny and Happy fans then wondered why Denny had to plan his happy day on the 7th. So, what was his response? Let’s see in the following article!

Reasons to Choose to Get Married on July 7th

Denny Caknan, Bella

Through broadcasts on his live Instagram, Denny Caknan answered a number of fans’ questions ahead of his wedding day. Apparently, the Los Dol singer had a special reason why he chose the 7th as his special day with Bella Bonita.

Not because of his ex, Happy Asmara, but because of the anniversary of his hometown, Ngawi, East Java. While Happy’s birthday is on July 10th.

“Why is it on my birthday (Happy Asmara)? No, you don’t know, it’s e piye to’s birthday. It’s Ngawi’s birthday on July 7, Ngawi’s birthday,” said Denny Caknan, quoted from the uploaded TikTok @nyobanewbie, Friday, July 7, 2023.

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