Not broken hearted by Denny Caknan’s marriage, Happy Asmara: I’m really happy

Jakarta – The beautiful Koplo singer Happy Asmara has suddenly become the public spotlight. Not only because of the release of his new single entitled “Sadar Position”, but also the announcement of his ex-boyfriend, Denny Caknan, who is married to his new girlfriend, Bella Bonita.

Happy is considered heartbroken to see his ex-girlfriend marry another woman. So, what did Happy say? Come on, see the answer in the following article!

Request Unassociated

Happy Asmara

Happy Asmara’s relationship with Denny Caknan has long foundered. However, there are still many fans of the two who fail to move on, so they hope that Happy should be the one accompanying Denny down the aisle.

But who would have thought, Happy Asmara actually admitted that he was fine with the good news shared by his ex. He then asked his fans not to associate him with the past.

Now, don’t hook me up with anyone,” wrote Happy Asmara, quoted in Threads, @happy_asmara77, Friday, 7 July 2023.

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