Not having children even though she is 43 years old, Dewi Sandra: What’s it for?

Jakarta – Homeland artist Dewi Sandra looked annoyed after receiving questions about children. It is known that until now, Glenn Fredly’s ex-wife does not have children at the age of 43.

Calmly but poignantly, he asked the question again. What did he say? Read more below.

Ask Child

An account uploaded the answer of Dewi Sandra who was annoyed when she was asked about children. He was asked how he felt that until now he had no children even though he had been married twice.

He admitted that he did not know the reason for not having children until now.

“Again, I can’t control it. destiny of Allah to his servants. Coincidentally, the name of the Goddess has not been given offspring until now, so what should I do?” said Dewi Sandra, quoted from Instagram @lambegosiip, Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

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