Not Nana Mirdad, Andrew White Allegedly Cheating After Viral Putting a Necklace on a Woman with a Hijab


Jakarta Homeland artist Andrew White went viral after being caught wearing a necklace on a woman wearing a hijab. Immediately, netizens immediately chased the woman’s figure.

In fact, he was suspected of having an affair with the woman. Like what? Take a peek at the portraits of the two below.



Photo: Tiktok/saffana_anna

A TikTok account shows a video of Andrew White, Nana Mirdad’s husband with a woman wearing a hijab. The woman turns out to be Saffana Anna.

In the caption, Naysila Mirdad’s sister-in-law seems to smile sweetly and put a necklace on Saffana. In fact, he also held Saffana Anna’s hand and smiled.

“The romantic moment Andrew White gives necklaces to women who wear hijab,” wrote the account quoted from account @serbaserbiartis, Monday, 17 July 2023.

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