Not updating artist news, Lulu Tobing was confused when asked about Raffi Ahmad’s wife’s name

Jakarta – Lulu Tobing is a senior actress whose name is quite well known by the public. On the other hand, Lulu said that she was not an up to date person.

Even Lulu was confused when asked who Raffi Ahmad’s wife was. What was the narrative like? Take a full peek below.

Lulu Tobing Didn’t Read Articles About Public Figures

Invited to YouTube by Melaney Ricardo, Lulu Tobing revealed that he is a person who is not up to date. He never even read information about artists or other public figures.

“I’m a person who from the past until now has never read or opened news about artists or public figures or anyone. So I’m the stupidest to meet people, like ‘that’s an artist’. ‘Huh? which one?’, that’s it,” said Lulu Tobing quoted on Tuesday, 11 July 2023.

Hearing this, Melaney then tested Lulu by asking if she knew about Atta being married to Aurel Hermansyah. Lulu also admits that she knows after other people know.

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