Not yet officially divorced from Ariana Grande, Dalton Gomez is dating again?

United States of America – Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s divorce shocked fans. Having only been married for about 2 years, Ariana and Dalton’s separation was predicted due to unresolved household problems.

However, it is reported that Dalton Gomez is dating again even though his divorce from Ariana Grande has not yet come to an end. Is it true? Check out the full article!

Dalton Gomez Is Dating Again?

TMZ reports Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s decision to divorce after tying the knot in marriage on May 15, 2021. It is said, the husband and wife will experience household problems before January 2023.

But surprisingly, Dalton Gomez has reportedly been dating for the last few months. In fact, Dalton has not officially divorced from Ariana Grande.

Although it has been rumored that Dalton Gomez has been dating for the last few months, Ariana Grande is said to have no problem with it.

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