Now wearing BNNP Bali prisoner clothes, Bobon Santoso has ever eaten a cat?

Bali – Bobon Santoso is now a public topic of conversation, because he uploaded the moment he was wearing the Bali BNNP prisoner’s clothes. But he had received blasphemy, because he was suspected of eating a cat.

Is that true? Come on, peep the real facts.

Eat Cat


Photo : Instagram/bobonsantoso

Bobon Santoso, a YouTuber who likes to cook food from extreme ingredients, actually made a surprising confession that he had been insulted by animal lovers.

Bobon Santoso shared his experience of being attacked by an animal lover for writing the thumbnail “Cook the Cat” on his YouTube video.

Bobon Santoso’s confession was recorded in his interview session on Luna Maya’s YouTube, which KBB News quoted on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. At that time Luna Maya asked, “Have you ever been blasphemed by an animal lover? Didn’t you cook something strange, there was a horse’s head, so what?” Again?”

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