Now, with a twist, Inul Daratista was once paid Rp. 35,000 during a gig

Jakarta – Inul Daratista is known as a popular dangdut singer in the country. His figure often wara wiri on the television screen.

Up to the point of her success as a singer, it was not easy for Inul Daratista. Because, during his pioneering career in the music world, he was once paid Rp. 35 thousand. Intipseleb knows this from his personal Instagram. Let’s take a peek!

Ever Paid IDR 35,000


Photo : Instagram/

Inul Daratista answered questions from netizens regarding the cost of paying for weekends in one of the regions. Apparently, said the singer, he was only paid IDR 35,000 to IDR 150,000.

“In the past, how much did you pay when you were at Pallapa/Monata Bund?” Netizens asked, commenting on Inul Daratista’s upload.

“35 thousand-150 thousand,” replied Adam Suseno’s wife.

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