Officially becoming a newlywed, Denny Caknan looks spoiled at the aisle

Madison – Happy news came from the Koplo singer from Ngawi, Denny Caknan, who had just married Bella Bonita at 19.00 WIB at The Sun City Madiun Hotel.

Officially holding the status of being a newlywed, Denny Caknan looks very spoiled while at the aisle. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the portrait!

Go up the Aisle

Denny Caknan

It didn’t take long for Denny Caknan to realize his good intentions by going down the aisle with Bella Bonita, a woman who had become a video clip model in the Kalih Welasku series.

Holding a closed marriage contract, Denny Caknan looked very happy and happy after becoming a newlywed. In the fanbase account upload @dennybella_the 29-year-old singer looks very spoiled and repeatedly leans on his wife’s shoulder.

Being a very suitable and harmonious partner, Denny Caknan successfully recited the consent qobul with one breath.

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