Once Called Anies Baswedan’s Name in the Polemic of Rejecting His Sacrificial Animal, Dewi Perssik Gives Clarification

Jakarta – Indonesian dangdut singer, Dewi Perssik, clarified about herself dragging the name of Anies Baswedan in the polemic against his sacrificial animal. Said the ex-wife of Angga Wijaya, she never intended to link her polemic with Malkan, head of RT 06/RW 04 Kelurahan Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta, into the political sphere.

“When it was live, I finally gave a caption because there were so many comments about politics,” said Dewi Perssik when met by media crew in the Cilandak area, South Jakarta, on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Dewi Perssik said that she only responded to comments from a number of her followers on Instagram during a live broadcast on June 27, 2023 yesterday. Check out the full review below.

Dewi Perssik said

peach goddess

Dewi Perssik said, she never intended to bring political intrigue into this polemic. Regarding Anies Baswedan, the 37-year-old woman admitted that she was really her neighbour.

“Loh, I’m really a neighbor (with Anies Baswedan). I wrote here (Instagram upload caption) like this, ‘Is it because Pak Anies Baswedan is a neighbor?’ That’s all,” explained Dewi.

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