Oscar Lawalata’s answer is called against nature as a man


Jakarta – Oscar Lawalata aka Asha Smara Darra received a comment from one netizen who reminded him of going against his true nature as a man. The transwoman designer answered by mentioning a choice.

Previously, Oscar Lawalata was also mentioned about any religion that does not recognize LGBT. What the answer? Check out the full article!

Answers Asked Against Nature


Photo : Instagram/oscarlawalata

Netizens have filled Oscar Lawalat’s latest posts. This is because the older sister of Mario Lawalata has officially changed her identity to a woman with the name Asha Smara Darra.

One netizen reminded that Oscar Lawalata actually went against his true nature as a man. Asked to go against nature, Asha Smara Darra answered by discussing gender as her choice as part of every human being’s basic rights.

“Never go against your nature as a man, I’m sure you can,” commented netizens, quoted from Oscar Lawalata’s Instagram, Friday, July 14, 2023.

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