Outspokenly calling Sule cheating, Nathalie Holscher used to think about wanting a DNA test when Adzam was pregnant

Jakarta – After taking off her hijab, Nathalie Holscher seemed to be a hot topic of discussion and in the spotlight after her viral statement about the monthly given by her ex-husband, Sule. This is because the former DJ admits that the monthly allowance Sule gives is considered small.

Angry at being blasphemed by netizens, Nathalie Holscher bluntly called Sule cheating and had evidence. In fact, she admitted that she had thought about having a DNA test when she was pregnant with her son, Adzam. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Call Sule Cheating

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Nathalie Holscer was criticized for giving a statement about her ex-husband’s monthly gift, Sule, to their son, Adzam. According to Nathalie, the comedian’s monthly fee is considered small, amounting to Rp. 25 million.

However, netizens blaspheme Nathalie because Sule is considered to still care about his child. In fact, Nikita Mirzani also satirized Nathalie Holscer who called her selfless.

Finding this blasphemy, Nathalie Holscer was annoyed. He then brought up Sule’s character when he was still in a relationship together. Nathalie outspokenly called Sule cheating on her and held the evidence.

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