Pampering Visitors, Jakarta Fair Now Presents a Variety of Children’s Playgrounds


Jakarta – The Jakarta Fair Kemayoran presents a variety of children’s games in addition to displaying multi-product exhibitions and music concert stages for 33 days. This is done to pamper the visitors, especially children.

Buying a system to play this game is quite different. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Present a Variety of Children’s Playgrounds

Entering the long holiday for school children, the Jakarta Fair Kemayoran is now also presenting a variety of children’s games in various areas such as Open Space and Gambir Expo.

Some of the children’s games presented included rides belonging to one of the participants in the Jakarta Fair, Fun World. Among them there are Parrot Ride, Venture River, Speed ​​Racing, Tic Tac Wheel, Bumper Car, to Happy Swing.

However, to buy tickets for the game, visitors must buy tokens/coins for IDR 30,000 for one game. Visitors can also get vouchers worth IDR 20,000 for every purchase of 4 tokens.

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