Panic Accused of Using Drugs, Pandji Pragiwaksono: Marijuana is not a drug

Jakarta It is known that Komika Pandji Pragiwaksono has decided to move and settle in New York, United States of America. This decision made him have to start everything from scratch, including his career in stand up affairs.

However, in the midst of his move, Pandji Pragiwaksono was suddenly accused of using drugs by another fellow comic, Awwe. What’s the reaction? Let’s see together!

Awwe Accuses Pandji of Using Drugs Corbuzier

Photo: Corbuzier

Pandji Pragiwaksono was suddenly stunned when Andi Wijaya alias Awwe accused him of using drugs. The accusation arose when they made debate content together on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube.

At first, Pandji and Uus teased Coki Pardede about the drug case.

“Never mind other people’s lives, you can ruin your own life with drugs,” said Pandji Pragiwaksono on YouTube Deddy Corbuzier, reported Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

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