Penelope’s love profile, Turkish husband sues for divorce after 3 years of marriage


Jakarta – Penelope’s love household and her Turkish husband are in trouble. Because, the artist is reported to have filed for divorce against Taha Gakhan.

Households that have been fostered for three years will eventually run aground in the middle of the road. Suddenly this news quite shocked the public. The following is a review as well as the profile of Cinta Penelope, an artist who has sued her Turkish husband for divorce. Curious? Let’s see!

Penelope’s Love Files for Divorce

Penelope Taha Gokhan Arikan's love

The news about Penelope’s love marriage was confirmed by the public relations officer of the South Jakarta Religious Court. He said, the name had been registered since July 3, 2023.

“The name (Cinta Penelope) has indeed been registered with the South Jakarta Religious Court (PA) clerkship, on July 3 2023, Monday to be precise,” said Taslimah as public relations officer for the South Jakarta Religious Court, recently.

Taslimah said that the lawsuit was filed through an e-court system or online service and represented by Cinta Penelope’s attorney.

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