Permatasari’s beautiful face is similar to Nursyah’s when she uses a filter to get old, her eyes become a highlight

Jakarta – Arie Kriting’s wife, Indah Permatasari, joined the trend of changing her face using a filter to make her old. Netizens were immediately judged to be similar to Indah Permatasari’s mother, Nursyah.

Not only that, Indah Permatasari’s eyes were in the spotlight. Like what? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Use the Get Old Filter

Indah Permatasari wears an old filter on her social media. The upload was re-posted on the gossip account on Instagram.

It can be seen that the comic’s wife wears an old filter and transforms her face with wrinkles and supple cheeks. Divided by two screens, on top of his old face, while on the bottom screen is a normal face.

The Indonesian artist looked surprised. He then posed several times with his old face.

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