Photo Used Without Permission, Melly Goeslaw Issues Summons

Jakarta – Melly Goeslaw admitted that her photos and videos were used without permission by a number of social media accounts for slimming drug products in the framework of promotion. This was conveyed by her attorney, Ina Rachman, via an Instagram upload.

“Based on the data and facts we obtained from our clients, it turns out that many advertisements for slimming drugs use videos and photos from our clients through social media, namely Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok, which are carried out by irresponsible parties without the permission of our clients,” wrote Ina Rachman, reported by IntipSeleb from her personal Instagram on Thursday, July 20, 2023.

In fact, Ina said that her client had never entered into any agreement with the product. Take a peek at the full information below.

Melly Goeslaw Issues Summons


Photo : Instagram/melly_goeslaw

Therefore, Melly Goeslaw sent a subpoena to the account accused of using her photos and videos without permission. He wanted what they were doing to stop immediately.

“We as attorneys warn the parties who committed the act to immediately stop the act and make a statement not to repeat it,” said Ina Rachman.

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