Pierre Gruno is still happy even though he’s wearing a prison suit

Jakarta – Indonesian senior artist, Pierre Gruno, has been named a suspect in a case of alleged abuse.

The man whose full name is Pierre Andreas Sadaq Hamid has officially put on a prison suit. Take a peek at the full information below.

Pierre Gruno looks happy

Peek Celebrity / Yudi

Photo: Peek Seleb / Yudi

Even though he was wearing prison clothes, Pierre Gruno still looked as happy as ever. Starting from his arrival at the press conference releasing himself as a suspect at 14.40 WIB, he kept smiling at the media crew who were present at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters.

Not much was said by Pierre Gruno when he was released as a suspect. When asked a number of questions by the media crew, he only returned with a smile.

Only one word left Pierre Gruno’s mouth. He threw the word while holding up both thumbs.

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