Pilu, Actor Egi John Marshanda’s ex-boyfriend suddenly sells his IG account for the sake of medical expenses


Jakarta – Remember the figure of Egi John? Not long ago, the actor who used to frequently appear on the screen suddenly sold his personal Instagram account.

Not without reason, Egi John said that he needed medical expenses for his father who was suffering from complications.

Egi John sold his personal Instagram account at a fairly high price, even though his status is a celebrity. Here’s more through the review below.

Egi John Suddenly Sells Instagram Account

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The figure of Egi John is certainly no stranger to the Indonesian entertainment industry. His face often appeared in various ftv titles in the 2010s, and became an idol because of his cool acting as well as his good looks.

Now, Egi John has decided to move and is often absent from the screen. But recently, surprisingly Egi John sold his personal Instagram account.

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