Pocketing Evidence, Yama Carlos Worries About His Son Being Indoctrinated by Terrorist Teachings

Jakarta – Homeland artist, Yama Carlos, is still in conflict with his wife, Arfita Dwi Putri. This polemic tapped into the discussion about their son, Marco.

On the one hand, Yama felt it was difficult to meet his baby. Check out the full review below.

Yama Carlos Feels Difficult to Meet Children

Yama Carlos

When asked about the reason why his wife prevented him from meeting his children, Yama did not answer it firmly. He only said that his wife often brought up the problem that she was accused of bringing Marco twice.

“Yes, that woman always sells to media partners, isn’t she the one who always sells? I’ve brought Marco twice. That’s what he’s selling, that’s what he’s selling, right?” he said.

For Yama, his wife always tells a piece of the story. He accused Arfita of not having the courage to tell the full story of the big dipper polemic in their house.

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