Portrait of Sabrina Chairunnisa Rushed to the Hospital Using an Infusion Hose Due to Chicken Noodle Poisoning


Jakarta – Deddy Corbuzier’s wife, Sabrina Chairunnisa was rushed to the hospital and lay limp. He was seen using an IV tube and was in the emergency room.

As it turned out, Azka’s surrogate mother had food poisoning. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Rushed to Hospital

Shocking news came from Sabrina Chairunnisa. He was rushed to the hospital and lay limp. This can be seen from his posts on his Instagram account.

Via Instagram story, the former magician’s wife showed her hand using an IV tube. In the caption, he was rushed to the hospital due to chicken noodle poisoning.

“Hello again, IGD, I want to blame the chicken noodles, but my stomach is sensitive,” Sabrina wrote.

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