Pose Challenging Maria Vania Shows off Tattoos Using a Bikini, Denny Sumargo’s Comment Makes Salfok


Jakarta – The beautiful actress Maria Vania often attracts a lot of attention from netizens, especially men. In her latest upload on Instagram, Maria Vania looks very sexy and stunning with a tight make-up.

Not only that, the woman who was reportedly close to Billy Syahputra appeared confident showing the tattoos on her body. Is it true? Come on, see the following article!

Bikini Challenge Pose

No wonder the action of sexy presenter Maria Vania shows off sexy, challenging poses on Instagram and floods of netizens’ comments, because many are smitten with her seductive and sexiness aura.

In her latest upload, Maria Vania appears to be gawking at the edge of the pool in a Dior bikini and tattoos that are clearly visible on her stomach and thighs.

Needless to say, Maria Vania’s post suddenly flooded comments from netizens, reaching 3k comments. In fact, one of them was misfocused by a naughty comment belonging to the famous YouTuber Denny Sumargo.

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