Pregnant Without Husband, Denise Chariesta Opens Donations for Birth While Carrying Bible Verses

Jakarta – It is known that Denise Chariesta is currently pregnant without a husband. The reason is that he was abandoned by his girlfriend, JK, who is suspected of being the father of the child she is carrying.

Previously, she had announced selling the car, now Denise is actually opening up donations to pay for the costs of her child’s birth. Like what?

Denise Chariesta suddenly made an open donation for the baby she was carrying. As is well known, Denise became pregnant without a husband, and JK, as her ex-boyfriend, left her

Denise Chariesta added her portrait with a sad expression and wrote caption, “Care for Denise Pregnant Without Husband”.

The flower seller program also clearly states the account number and contact person that donors can contact.

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