Prilly Latuconsina emphasized that she has no experience in love with location

Jakarta – Prilly Latuconsina is known as a multitalented artist. Since childhood he has been wara-wiri on the television screen.

As time went by, when she was a teenager, Prilly Latuconsina began to get many offers to play soap operas and movies. So there is no need to doubt his acting talent.

He often stars in various titles of films and soap operas with the romantic genre. However, who would have thought that this Ambonese-Sundanese woman admitted that she had never been in love with a location. Here’s the full review.

Prilly Latuconsina Admits Never Had Love Experience Location

Prilly Latuconsina

Prilly Latuconsina shared stories about her love life. This was conveyed directly to the media crew after holding a press conference for the release of his new film.

“Until now there has been no experience of cinlok (love of location) or falling in love with your own best friend,” said Prilly Latuconsina in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, recently.

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