Prima Kanya Paramita Leaks the Challenge of Becoming a Director in the Film ‘Hope’


Jakarta – Jennifer Darren and M Hanafi Lubis successfully starred in a cool film called ‘Hope’ made by director Prima Kanya Paramita alias Anya. The film, which is based on a best-selling novel, shows a cool visualization and is suitable for you women who are experiencing toxic relationships.

The first time she became a director and made a cool film, Anya divulged her challenges when producing a film, the preparation for which was relatively short. Curious? Let’s scroll the article!

“Hope” Director Challenge


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Admitting that she has no experience working on feature films, Anya, the director of the film Hope, said that she did not expect that her collaborative project with Rumatari Production would be accepted by many people so that it would be broadcast on CGV and Netflix.

Feeling nervous and a little unsure of herself, Anya tried her best to present her best work through a cool film that tells a story about emotional violence from a partner to a victim of a toxic relationship. The 29-year-old woman shared her challenges to become a young director and director.

“Initially she was invited to chat with Jennifer about this project, about her desire to voice her story to the wider community, in the form of a dance film. Jennifer also told what her hopes were for this film, and wanted to entrust the project to me and Rumatari,” said Prima Kanya Paramita, launched Sunday, July 16, 2023.

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