Princess Anne’s answer when asked about the latest condition after Arya Saloka was again rumored to Amanda Manopo

Jakarta Homeland artist Putri Anne revealed her latest condition after her husband, Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo, were rumored to be back. This was revealed via QnA on his Instagram account.

Then, what’s the answer? Scroll through the article below.

Princess Anne said

Princess Anne

Through her Instagram account, soap opera Putri Anne invites her followers to play QnA. This game is a forum for followers to give any question to Princess Anne and she will choose the question to be answered.

One of the questions given to Arya Saloka’s wife was about her condition. Because, he was caught removing his hijab and reaping controversy. Not only that, Princess Anne also seemed to rain criticism when she was caught bringing her child to an alcoholic party.

Princess Anne also gave her answer on her Instagram story.

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