Profile of Bobby Joseph, Arrested Twice by Police for Alleged Drug Cases


Jakarta – Artist Bobby Joseph is in the media spotlight after he was again caught in a narcotics abuse case. Investigate a calibaration, this is the second time he has been arrested by the police for the same thing.

It is known that Bobby Joseph was arrested by the authorities at his residence in the Cinere area, Depok, West Java on July 21, 2023. Because of this, his figure has aroused the public’s curiosity. Here’s the profile, let’s take a peek!

Bobby Joseph Arrested by Police


Photo : Instagram/bobbyjsph

On one occasion, Head of the South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Research Unit, Commissioner Achmad Ardhy, currently Bobby Joseph is in good condition after being arrested. Now the artist is still in the inspection stage.

“He is in good condition, healthy. The person concerned is under investigation,” said Kompol Achmad Ardhy, Head of the South Jakarta Metro Police Narcotics Investigation Unit at the South Jakarta Metro Police, to the media crew, Monday, July 24, 2023.

Meanwhile, regarding the chronology, the police are still conducting an investigation. Nevertheless, Bobby Joseph tested positive for using synthetic tobacco.

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