Profile of Celebrity Meylisa Zaara who caught her husband chatting intimately with another man and was subject to domestic violence

East Java – Selebgram Meylisa Zaara held a press conference and revealed her relationship with her husband. Because, she held a press conference because she caught her husband exchanging messages with another man.

When asked what the message meant, Meylisa instead got domestic violence (domestic violence). So, who is Celebrity Meylisa Zaara? Take a peek at his profile below.

Meyliza Zaara

Regardless of the current problem, Celebrity from Tulungagung Meylisa Zaara is a celebgram who is well-known for her business, namely Muslim women’s business.

Not only Muslim business, she also often teaches how to wear a fashionable hijab on one of her YouTube accounts called HijabModis. Observed, his YouTube account was watched 251 times.

Through this business, he also opened a shop called Mazaara which is growing with a turnover of tens of millions of rupiah.

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