Promos for children’s toys at the Jakarta Fair 2023, there are discounts of up to 70 percent

Jakarta – Jakarta Fair 2023 is one of the residents’ favorite destinations to spend the rest of the holidays. The reason is, this grand event not only displays the needs of the community, but is also friendly for children.

Here, Toys Kingdom is here to enliven the 2023 Jakarta Fair by giving discounts of up to 70 percent for various kinds of children’s toys. Here’s the full review, let’s see!

Jakarta Fair 2023

Starting from Hotwheels, Nerf, Little Pony, Baby Alive and many others. Hotwheels, for example, are priced at affordable prices, namely Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 600 thousand.

There are also dinosaur toys, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) Rp. 1.3 million, Mosasaurus Rp. 1.1 million, and Therizinosaurus Rp. 899 thousand. Apart from that, there are also other toys such as Barbie dolls which are priced at Rp. 180 thousand to Rp. 2.4 million.

There are also bags for girls Rp. 300 thousand. Not only toys, your little ones can play for free in the Toys Kingdom play area.

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