Putri Delina Deletes Threads After Being Blasphemed by Gegara Netizens Allegedly Sarcastic Nathalie Holscher Removes Hijab


Jakarta – Sule’s second child with Lina Jubaedah, Putri Delina was previously criticized by netizens for writing statuses in her Threads. Because, his status was allegedly satirizing his ex-connected mother, Nathalie Holscher.

But now, the Threads have been deleted. Like what? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Allegedly Satire Nathalie Holster


Photo : Instagram/lambe_danu

Rizky Febian’s sister, Putri Delina, has been in the spotlight lately for creating a thread that allegedly satirized Sule’s ex, Nathalie Holscher. Because, the former DJ decided to leave the hijab for 2 years to cover himself.

He mentioned that time will tell.

“You have to believe in the words ‘time will answer all,’ wrote Putri Delina as quoted from her Instagram account @lambe_danu, Wednesday, 12 July 2023.

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