Raising 4 Big Issues, Indies Releases Second Album Titled After all Life Will End

Jakarta – Singer, Baskara Putra or also known as the Indies released his second album titled “Life Will End After all”. The album released by Sun Eater contains 28 songs.

The plan is for all the songs on the album to be released in two stages, the first on July 7 and the second on July 21, 2023. Check out the full review below.

Said the Indies About the Second Album


Indies itself never thought that they would release an album again. However, there is something special that he wants to convey with this second album.

“I didn’t expect to make a second album, actually. Because I don’t want a lot of Indies albums! If the Indies album is available again, it means the problem isn’t over yet,” he said.

“I continue to review it, it turns out that there are still many roots. I feel what I felt on the first album because of my family and environment. That’s what I talked about on the second album,” he continued.

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