Reasons for Rendy Kjaernett Finally Admitting Cheating, Turns Out to Be Because of Denny Sumargo’s Message: Wants to Me

Jakarta – Rendy Kjaernett finally made a public confession about his scandalous affair with Syahnaz Sadiqah, Raffi Ahmad’s sister. He confirmed the cheating scandal via the Denny Sumargo podcast.

It turns out that Rendy’s reckless move to admit his affair scandal was the result of a message from Denny Sumargo during a podcast with Lady Nayoan. Like what?

Touched by Denny Sumargo’s message

Rendy Kjaernett

Rendy Kjaernett’s bold move to admit his affair with Syahnaz Sadiqah to the public has been in the spotlight.

He admitted that the affair started with feeling comfortable confiding in Syahnaz, to the fact that the tattoo on his back was Syahnaz’s face. Denny Sumargo was also surprised why Rendy dared to confess in public.

“Why did you want to come here (a YouTube podcast), that’s my question anyway. How dare you come here, it makes me weird like that,” asked Denny Sumargo, quoted from YouTube, Confused Bang Denny Sumargo, Monday, July 3, 2023.

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