Rebecca Klopper’s Condition After Exciting Video Coverage Disappeared, Now It’s Back to Filming

Jakarta – The health condition of the young Indonesian artist, Rebecca Klopper, is now gradually improving. This was conveyed by his attorney, Sandy Arifin.

“(Rebecca Klopper) is healthy, thank God, and is stronger and stronger,” said Sandy Arifin to the media crew at the South Jakarta District Court (PN) on Thursday, July 5, 2023.

Rebecca’s condition is getting better at the same time as the news about the exciting video case allegedly looks like her. Check out the full review below.

Rebecca Klopper’s current condition

Rebecca Klopper

Furthermore, Sandy told about his client, Rebecca. Unlike now, which is getting better, at the beginning of this exciting video case that was sticking to the surface, he called Rebecca’s condition drop.

In fact, the health condition of Fadly Faisal’s lover had declined. This was partly because Rebecca was shocked by this skewed news about her.

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