Recent Photos of Syahnaz and Jeje Govinda After Rendy Kjaernett Justify Cheating, Netizens: Face the Wall!


Jakarta – Syahnaz Sadiqah is still silent about his alleged affair. Although, Rendy Kjaernett has dared to be honest, he once played back with Syahnaz, when he was a guest on the Denny Sumargo podcast.

Waiting for clarification, Syahnaz Sadiqah was caught with Jeje Govinda and an artist manager. Like what? Take a peek at the article!

Recent Photos of Syahnaz and Jeje Govinda

Nanda Persada, founder of the Indonesian Artist Managers Association, shared a photo with Syahnaz Sadiqah and Jeje Govinda. With caption Briefly, Nanda stated that his meeting with Syahnaz and Jeje would take place on Monday night, 3 July 2023.

“Early evening,” wrote Nanda Persada on his Instagram, reported by IntipSeleb on Tuesday, 4 July 2023.

In the shared portrait, Syahnaz and Jeje Govinda are seen flanking Nanda Persada. Syahnaz wore a black short-sleeved shirt and white shorts. Meanwhile, Jeje wears an army color jacket, white shirt, and shorts.

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