Recently Recovered, Madonna Forces Herself Concert Tour Rehearsals

United States of America – Madonna is reportedly in a self-imposed condition despite being discharged from the hospital due to a bacterial infection. However, the mother of Lourdes Leon is said to be reluctant to rest because she is preparing for her concert tour.

Moreover, Madonna is predicted to want to beat young singers like Taylor Swift so that she exerts all her strength. Is it true? Let’s take a peek!

Called in Self-Forcing Conditions


Quoting People, Madonna is said to have forced herself into tour rehearsals before experiencing health problems. Previously, Madonna had been hospitalized with a serious bacterial infection, which her manager, Guy Oseary, uncovered.

Sources said Madonna ignored the symptoms of her illness for some time. Because, Madonna felt these symptoms would disappear by itself, so she forced herself to keep practicing.

“He ignored some of the symptoms of his illness for a while because he thought they would go away on their own. But he didn’t want to take time away from practice,” added a music source to People, reported by IntipSeleb on Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

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