Recurrence of Tourette Syndrome, Moments of Emotions Compact Audience Help Lewis Capaldi Finish the Show

Scotland – After announcing a short break of 3 weeks, Lewis Capaldi is now back on stage at Glastonbury, England. His Tourette Syndrome was getting worse, Lewis had difficulty completing his performance.

However, the audience who came together helped Lewis to stay confident and finish his performance perfectly. What was the emotional moment like? Take a peek at the review below.

Compact Audience Help Lewis Capaldi Finish The Show

Lewis Capaldi recently performed at the Glastonbury music festival. Lewis’ presence was greeted warmly by the audience. However, Lewis’s voice, which had faltered due to the Tourette syndrome, made him leave the stage with a disappointed look on his face.

“Glastonbury, I’m really sorry. I’m a little annoyed with myself,” said Lewis Capaldi quoted from the BBC, Monday, June 26, 2023.

Until when he was performing his flagship song ‘Someone You Loved’, Lewis was silent because of the tic he felt. This condition occurs when the sufferer has an inability to control body movements and the words that come out of the mouth.

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