Refal Hady Admires Bryan Domani, Never Leaves Prayer During Filming

Jakarta – Refal Hady recently expressed his admiration for the figure of Bryan Domani. Even he did not hesitate to make the actor as an inspiration in life.

So what is the complete information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Refal Hady Amazed by Bryan


Photo : Instagram/@refalhady

At first it started when Refal Hady and Bryan Domani were involved in shooting in a film ‘Stop Up Here,’ starring with Prilly Latuconsina. Refal Hady also saw Bryan’s habits that made him slapped and inspired at the same time.

“I learned a lot from Bryan during the time I was filming with him. His mindset suddenly looks like I forget to pray, he is rich who never misses a prayer,” said Refal Hady, quoted from TikTok @dutdut2023, Sunday 23 July 2023z

Even Refal Hady really praised how diligent Bryan Domani was in carrying out the five daily services.

“I’m like that sometimes when I’m about five o’clock, for example ashar he’s already praying but I’m still taking it. Then I still remember him praying, then I forgot, then I prayed at Maghrib again, my heart was hit,” continued Refal.

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