Refal Hady was caught playing dating apps, immediately clarified

Jakarta – Handsome actor Refal Hady was in the spotlight on Twitter when he allegedly played one of the dating apps, namely Bumble. It was a scene after a Twitter account uploaded a photo of Refal Hady on the application which had even been verified.

Regarding the excitement, let’s take a peek at Refal Hady’s response.

Play Bumble

Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

Photo: Intipseleb/Tiya Sukmawati

A Twitter account owner didn’t seem to expect that he would meet an artist while playing one of the dating apps. He uploaded a photo of Refal Hady who was in the matchmaking application.

The owner of the Twitter account also seemed to be wondering whether the man in the application was really Refal Hady.

Is that really him?asked the owner of the Twitter account.

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