Release of song Bye Ex, story of Ashanty’s struggle to get Fuji & Thariq Halilintar to become video clip models

Jakarta – Ashanty is a popular singer in the country. Recently he released his new song titled ‘Bye Former’.

It is known that the music video has also been officially released on YouTube today, Wednesday, July 5 2023. Interestingly, the phenomenal former couple, namely Fuji and Thariq Halilintar, became the models for the video clip. The following is Ashanty’s story regarding her reasons for inviting the former two lovebirds. Let’s see the full review!

Ashanty’s story from the beginning hooked Fuji and Thariq in the video clip for his new song


In the video clip for Ashanty’s new song, Fuji’s moment of togetherness with Thariq Halilintar is shown. To the media crew, Anang Hermansyah’s wife told the process behind the song she made.

In his statement, he admitted that he had no thoughts of using Fuji and Tariq Halilintar as models for the video clip for his new song. However, due to requests from his team, he also tried to contact the phenomenal former couple.

At first he was afraid that Fuji would not want to, but the mother, continued Aurel Hermansyah, tried to contact the sister-in-law of the late Vanessa Angel.

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