Reluctant to be advised, Dewi Perssik suggests Saipul Jamil to prove his identity if it’s true that he’s a normal man

Jakarta – Dewi Perssik’s relationship with Saipul Jamil seems to be heating up lately. Especially since the man who has now changed his name to King Saipul Jamil has also commented on the feud between his ex-wife and the RT head around Dewi’s house.

Not accepting what King Saipul was doing, Dewi instead asked her ex-husband to take care of himself. Like what? Let’s take a peek together!

Dewi Perssik said

Dewi Persik, Saipul Jamil

In a recent live broadcast by Dewi Perssik, the owner of the rocking drill bluntly mentioned the name of her ex-husband, Saipul Jamil. He asked King Saipul to take care of himself instead of meddling in his affairs.

“Saipul wants to give advice, but the advice is for yourself instead of taking care of me,” said Dewi Perssik in a live session on her personal social media, as quoted from a re-upload of her TikTok account @agussetyoutomo27, ​​Monday, July 10, 2023.

Unmitigated, the woman who is familiarly called Depe then suggested that her ex-husband prove to the public that his identity was a normal man. This alluded to the problem of sexual violence committed by Saipul Jamil several years ago.

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