Rendy Kjaernett Will Overwrite Syahnaz’s Face Tattoo Before It’s Too Late


Bekasi – Rendy Kjaernett and Lady Nayoan have undergone a divorce trial with a mediation agenda at the Bekasi District Court. The mediation will continue on August 2, 2023.

Before the trial, Rendy Kjaernett will also try to cover up Syahnaz’s facial tattoo on his back. What is the seriousness of Rendy? Let’s take a peek at the article.

On Consultation

Peep Celebrity / Wahyu Firmansyah

Photo: IntipSeleb/ Wahyu Firmansyah

Rendy Kjaernett continues to consult with the tattoo artist to cover Syahnaz’s facial tattoo on his back. He admits that it is impossible to remove tattoos in such a short time. So one solution is to cover up with a new tattoo.

“I’m in the process of consulting one of the tattoo artists,” said Rendy at the Bekasi District Court, Tuesday, July 18, 2023.

“If you delete it, it will take months, there are several stages,” he continued.

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