Revealed! Already 7 dead tiger cubs as Alshad’s pets, netizens: How many lives do you want?

Jakarta – The name Alshad Ahmad has been a hot topic of conversation since last night, even entering the Twitter trending line. This was the aftermath of the bad news of the death of one of Alshad’s pets, namely a tiger cub named Cenora.

Apparently, the news revealed that a total of 7 tiger cubs died from the same mother. Like what? Here’s the news.

Alshad Ahmad admits that many tiger cubs have died


The fact about the death of the tiger cub he kept was revealed by Alshad Ahmad himself through the answers in the comments column. Raffi Ahmad’s cousin answered rapper Tuan Tigabelas’s question about how many animals have died while raising him.

If I may ask, since the beginning of raising tigers, how many have died under bro Alshad’s supervision?,” asked @tuantigabelas, seen on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Unexpectedly, it seems that the death of Alshad’s cub is not the first time this has happened. Gya Sadiqah’s sister admitted that 7 people had died.

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