Revealed! Cita Citata and Didi Mahardika’s wedding date

Jakarta – The wedding date of Cita Citata and Didi Mahardika, which was previously unknown to the public, was finally revealed when the two of them congratulated each other on the one year anniversary of their marriage. In the photo shared by Didi, you can see the two of them posing holding a marriage book.

Let’s take a peek at the newly revealed wedding moment of Cita Citata and Didi Mahardika!

Wedding Anniversary Moments

Sworddut Cita Citata and Didi Mahardika shared their happy moments one year ago on their respective Instagram. In his latest post, Didi wrote the best prayer for his marriage to Cita.

Happy wedding day dear… always be happy, always patient with each other and may our love always be protected by the almighty,” wrote Didi Mahardika, Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

Cita Citata story

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