Revealed! Dono and Kasino Had Never Greeted Each Other in the Midst of the Golden Age


Jakarta – The comedy group Warkop DKI only leaves one member, namely Indro Warkop. The father of three revealed facts that were not publicly known about the relationship between Dono and Kasino.

Indro also revealed what had happened for a long time. Here’s the full article.

Not Rebuke Each Other

Warkop DKI

On the VINDES YouTube Channel, Indro explained the relationship between Dono and Kasino when they were still alive and joined Warkop. Apparently, the two of them had not spoken to each other for three years.

“Three years of not speaking to each other, that was from 87 or 88 to 90,” said Indro on the VINDES channel.

In the video, this 65-year-old man explained the feud that had occurred between his two colleagues. He even mentioned Dono’s character and desire to have his own work.

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