Revealed! Reasons for Love Penelope Divorced Taha Gokhan

Jakarta – Shocking news came from Penelope Love and Taha Gokhan Arikan’s household. After three years of fostering a household, Cinta decided to divorce her husband at the South Jakarta Religious Court.

This lawsuit has also been entered via e-court since July 3, 2023 under the number 2280/Pdt.G/2023/PA.JS. What made Penelope Cinta divorce Taha Gokhan Arikan? Here’s the article.

Penelope Taha Gokhan Arikan's love

Cinta Penelope decided to file a divorce suit against her husband, Taha Gokhan Arikan, at the South Jakarta Religious Court.

“The one who filed the lawsuit is Princess Cinta Penelope. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit electronically or e-court through her attorney with case number 2280/Pdt.G/2023/PA.JS,” said Taslimah, as Public Relations of the South Jakarta Religious Court.

The sudden divorce certainly raises questions regarding the reasons why Cinta Penelope sued her husband for divorce. Related to this is Taslimah’s answer.

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