Revealed! This is the Reason Why Chasing Gaspol’s Dream! Not as Expected

Jakarta – The film “Chasing Gaspol’s Dream!” has been released and stole the audience’s attention since this month.
However, unfortunately, this film was not able to meet the expectations of the audience and many did
feeling disappointed with the result.

So why the film Chasing Dreams of Gaspol! did not live up to the audience’s expectations? Come on, take a peek below.

Pursuing Gaspol’s Dream Does Not Meet Expectations

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Although this film is expected to bring laughter and joy, in reality it explores more the emotional side that makes the audience cry. In the production process, Anak Bangsa Berkreasi involves a number of actors, directors,
and talented writers.

Executive Producer of Anak Bangsa Creates Film, Queenyu Suyipto, previously claimed that “Chasing Gaspol’s Dreams!” will be a choice of spectacle that is loaded with educational values.

He also emphasized that this film will inspire audiences with stories of everyday life. However, the audience feels that these claims are not realized in this film. The comedy that is presented in the film is also considered not entertaining enough.

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